• Bastion is a scalable, open-source Backend-as-a-Service that gets deployed to the cloud with AWS, allowing a frontend developer to quickly set up a backend while maintaining control of the code and infrastructure.
  • Bastion is flexible and extensible, integrating with AWS Lambda to provide custom functionality for a variety of use cases.
  • And because Bastion runs using AWS infrastructure, it scales automatically when more resources are required.
  • Bastion lets you deploy multiple independent Bastion Servers to the cloud.
  • The Bastion SDK is a JavaScript library that connects your frontend application to Bastion.
  • The Admin Dashboard lets you manage your Bastion Servers. You can create Cloud Code functions, upload files, manage users, and create collections.

Other Work


RequestPool GIF

A requestbin-like application for observing and debugging webhooks by collecting and analyzing HTTP requests.

Built with Express.js, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL.


Mellow Screenshot

A kanban board productivity application for organizing and managing cards and lists.

Built with React/Redux, Express.js, and MongoDB.


Todos Screenshot

A simple todo tracking application that keeps track of todos by date and whether or not they're completed.

Built with vanilla JavaScript on the frontend and Express.js on the backend.